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Nico Associates is an online marketing firm specializing in comprehensive strategies for Denver businesses

We are dedicated to optimizing businesses’ web presence, engaging their online customers and maximizing their reach. We consider our clients’ unique needs and assess their business goals to create a tailored Internet marketing plan that comprises of a comprehensive digital strategy, website design and development, and measurable website optimization.



Our digital strategies focus on turning our clients’ assets into content for consumer engagement and reach – three areas that make up the crux of businesses’ online presence. Using search engine optimization, competitor analysis and consumer profiling, we can pinpoint which content will be the most useful and impactful in each case and determine the most valuable methods of dispersal across web, mobile and social media platforms. Our three-pronged approach allows us to deliver engaging content to a targeted audience through the most effective means.


Effective website design is crucial to a successful online presence. A trusted resource for responsive web design, Nico Associates has been designing expert websites for businesses for nearly a decade. Using customized digital marketing plans, our web developers create modern, relevant sites that resonate with users. Our efficient, engaging designs are easy for consumers to absorb and navigate and simple for clients to manage.


In addition to responsive web design, our expert Denver web developers are well versed in a variety of platforms and content management systems, and the websites we create are well engineered, expertly coded and easily customizable. Browse our design showcase for examples of our previous work.


Once implemented, our marketing plans are continually monitored and evaluated to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of our clients’ online presence. We install Google Analytics on all projects to track and optimize performance so client content stays relevant and accessible.

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Website Planning: Internet Marketing Checklist

Website Planning is typically the longest phase when you are creating a website. There are a lot of checklists out there to help prepare but it lacks context and could lead to compiling a collection of information that isn’t the right content for your website. As mentioned in our previous post, Determining Your Site Architecture, it should be a priority to discover what your target market needs from your business. Only then can you begin to compile content from your checklist.

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Website Planning: Determining Your Site Architecture

Many people approach planning a website from the corporate point of view; what are we trying to say? what do we want them to do? This is a classic “push” marketing approach on a media that doesn’t work in today’s customer-centric atmosphere. When you’re building a website, the first focus should be on understanding the customer’s needs.

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