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Marketing on Twitter - Nico Associates

Social media marketing can be a challenge for many businesses. Each social media platform is different, as are the ways in which people utilize them. Because of this, it is important for us to know exactly how and why people use each site so that we can develop a marketing strategy best suited to each platform. With over 300 million users, mostly between the ages of 18 – 49, Twitter can be a powerful tool to reach a lot of people and support your customers. Let’s explore the mindset of Twitter users and marketing on Twitter.

For many businesses, Twitter can be one of the most complicated social media audiences to engage with regularly. It is fast paced, high volume, and an easy way to share information and news quickly with your audience. For many consumers, Twitter has become a go-to place to connect with customer service agents. Keeping this in mind, audience interaction and engagement is the key to a successful Twitter profile. Audiences like to see brands with personality and expect quick responses to their posts. It’s easy to lose the trust of your customers by not responding quickly and effectively. Twitter users are able to expand more on their posts, responses, and the opinions they want to share.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when marketing on Twitter:

  • Keep your Twitter handle as close to your brand name as possible
  • Know your industry #hashtags as well as currently trending hashtags
  • Tweet in the late afternoon, especially on Wednesdays
  • Utilize popular pinned tweets
  • Engage frequently with responses to your tweets and @mentions
  • Videos perform best, particularly 15 second videos
  • Follow engaged users and industry leaders

Your customers will reach out to your brand on Twitter if they are not already doing it now. Don’t lose trust by not being present and responsive. Being part of the conversation surrounding your brand is the best way to stay current and aware of the popular opinion of your brand. Marketing on Twitter is more about being part of the conversation happening about your industry and being responsive to other users.

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