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It's Never Been Easier to Migrate Your Website to a Better Host - Nico Associates

Why This Deal is Amazing

Customers are reluctant to change hosts, even if they’re having a bad experience, for two reasons: the migration hassle and expected downtime; and the already incurred cost for prepaying the service. We have the perfect counter arguments to both: the expert team at SiteGround will do the migration absolutely for free, preventing any potential downtime, and compensate up to six months of your current hosting contract. To top it off, SiteGround will also transfer your domain for free which will make things easier to manage, and includes a one year renewal of the domain. No migration hassle, no downtime, free compensation and free domain transfer!

Reasons to love SiteGround

Faster Loading Websites
These results are based on tests with real accounts on 12 of the most popular web hosts on the market: Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, Fatcow, Justhost, AsmallOrange, InMotion, WebhostingHub, Arvixe, GoDaddy, GreenGeeks and A2Hosting.

Loading Speed

  • Industry average loading time: 4.7 sec
  • Our loading time without cache: 1.7 sec
  • Our loading time with cache: 1.3 sec

general_loading_speed_with_cache-2 general_loading_speed-1

We have used Pingdom to test the loading time of identical WordPress websites hosted on the 12 different hosting companies. The fastest loading result for SiteGround was achieved with SuperCacher installed.


  • Industry average hits handled: 2,852
  • Without cache we handle 3 times more: 8,276
  • With cache we can handle: over 230,000


Apart from loading speed, we have tested how many hits can be successfully handled in two minutes by each of the 12 accounts with the same test WordPress website. The test was done with the help of the Siege testing and benchmark utility. The higher number of handled hits by SiteGround was achieved with the SuperCacher switched on for the website.

Keeping Your Website Safe

Hack Protection

  • WordPress vulnerability: not patched by anyone
  • Joomla vulnerability: not patched by anyone
  • Both vulnerabilities: patched by SiteGround only

We tested a WordPress and Joomla related vulnerabilities announce publicly more than a 1 month before the test. On all 12 tested hosts both vulnerability were still exploitable with no problem. At SiteGround both were patched on server level at SiteGround in up to 48 hours after their public announcement: WPTouch vulnerability patch and Virtuemart Vulnerability patch.

Account Isolation

  • SiteGround was the first to apply isolation
  • 3 of the tested hosts still not isolated
  • 5 of the tested hosts could be better isolated


SiteGround were the pioneers in applying effective account isolation mechanisms to the shared hosting environment. Nowadays, most of the shared hosts apply similar techniques but it is still possible to see an environment that is not properly isolated.

Top-Notch Support

Phone: Answered Immediately!

  • 4 companies had over 10 minutes wait time.
  • Only 2 other companies picked up immediately.
  • 90% of the hosts do not have non-US phone line.


When you call on the phone you usually have a pressing issue. Having your call picked up immediately is really important. Unfortunately this does not happened everywhere.

Chat: Issues Solved in 5 Minutes!

  • 2 of the tested companies have no chat support!
  • Avg. wait time on chat before pick up: 10 min.
  • Avg resolution: 21 min.
  • Only 4 hosts solved the issue in under 10 minutes


We contacted the LiveChat of the 12 tested companies and SiteGround with one and the same simple request and recorded how much time was need for the issue resolution including the wait time before the chat was picked up.

Tickets: First Reply in 8 Minutes!

  • Average Industry first reply near 8 hours
  • Only 2 companies are below 1 hour
  • No other company is below 10 minutes!


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