Website Planning is typically the longest phase when you are creating a website. There are a lot of checklists out there to help prepare but it lacks context and could lead to compiling a collection of information that isn’t the right content for your website. As mentioned in our previous post, Determining Your Site Architecture, it should be a priority to discover what your target market needs from your business. Only then can you begin to compile content from your checklist.

So what’s the best checklist? We’ve worked with a lot of clients that have had varying degrees of content ready. The following is our checklist we use when we are preparing to create a website and internet marketing plan for them.

  • Audience Definition. This can take the form of the customer persona, a demographic and psychographic list, etc. What we are trying to understand with this information is what this group of people’s needs are when interacting with the company.
  • Content Document. We need to see all the content (pictures and text) so that we can determine the site pages layout and architecture. Sometimes you’ll plan on having 3 pages but once you review the content it becomes obvious that it’d work better as a sidebar our visa versa.
  • Campaign Strategy. If the company is going to take a proactive role in their internet marketing then we need to know what and how frequently they will be updating. It’s okay if the website will only be updated once a month, but it’s important to know that beforehand so that the website isn’t demanding more time than you can afford.

These three elements will form the internet marketing strategy and the website. Creating a website has more in relation to an effective digital strategy or content marketing plan then design and development work. At minimum we need a solid understanding of the marketing activities that the website will be used for, but ideally the website becomes an extension of the business strategy, operations, and marketing goals.

If you’d like more information on how to pull together information to create the best website then contact us now to set up your free consultation.



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