See what’s needed to improve your website Search Engine Optimization and get targeted traffic

Page Load Time

Loading speed is an important part of a website’s usability. Google considers page speed to be one of the top 200 ranking factors that influence ranking position in organic search results. A fast loading website enriches the overall user-experience.

XML Sitemaps

An XML Sitemap is a text file used to list all URLs on a website. It may include extra information (metadata) on each URL to help search engines crawl your site more effectively.

Heading Tags

HTML Header tags, are used to differentiate the headings and sub-headings of a page from the rest of the page content. Search engines analyze the keywords in heading tags to the relevancy of the page content.

Link Juice

Link juice is a term in the SEO realm that refers to the optimization power passed to a site via links from “off-page” external or “on-page” internal sources.