Your business has a great product, and settled into a steady sales rhythm, now let us develop a website that will grow your brand online. Our team values the relationships we build with our clients and use our ideas and expertise to create an unique digital marketing strategy. All websites should be built to have a meaningful and productive user experience for both the business and their consumers.




Our meetings are more than just a quick screening phone call; when you sign up for a consultation we walk you through the digital engagement framework that gives a comprehensive foundation for your business’ online marketing strategy. Join us for a coffee at one of our favorite local coffee shops where we learn about your business process and begin building a solid project that will achieve your marketing goals.

People use the internet to find information so it’s important to make sure everything is on the right track. During planning we collect all content (text, images, etc) and evaluate all existing marketing assets. This forms the content audit which accounts for all expected site content and outlines anything that will need to be created for the website. The plan is confirmed with the creation of site architecture that provides the final roadmap for the new website.


Planning includes Content Audit, Engagement Framework, & Project Outline



The design provides the persona of the brand. Our designers take the style guidelines of your business and translates this into an authentic extension online. This is the best time to discuss what sections will feature which content and other design feedback. Once we have confirmed the look and feel of the mock up our team will begin building it on our test servers.

Design concepts include Structural Wireframes, Page Mockups

Development & Production

At this stage we will need to have all content completed and provided to us so that our team can insert into the website. We will build out the website based upon the approved mock up and then begin testing to ensure that the functionality of the website is working properly. Once quality has been assured, we will schedule a time to launch the site. With the website launch our team makes one final review to ensure that the website meets our quality standards. All websites should be responsive and have acceptable load times. To make sure that the website is on target for the company business goals we always install Google Analytics and SEO optimization tools.

All our websites come with Google Analytics, Yoast SEO Plugin, and Anti-Malware


Once the website is launched we will schedule a project review meeting. At this time we will walk through the basic structure of the content management system and its functionality. When the website the business’ online presence is set up for success, Nico Associates wants to ensure that the marketing campaign is easy to implement and use once the site is launched.

Our Service plan includes system updates and a 6 month checkup